Tring Tring…. Stay alert!!

IT’s about day before yesterday, I got a call from an unknown number.

Other side a male voice ——madam I’m speaking from central sector scholarship, Bhopal, Are you (name) from (my complete address).

Though I’d been receiving scholarship since 3 yrs, for excellence in my 10+2 academics, hearing the word scholarship did not take any long to  made me all ears, as it was a matter of money and that too, where I’m the receiver.

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Me ~yes sir, what’s the matter?

Man over phone ~ madam, actually there is some problem with your account. We are unable to transfer the fund into your account. Can you please tell me what is the issue?

Me- No, there is no problem, my account is active and working fine. earlier scholarship transaction were made to this account only and then you guys had no problem. But if you are saying, I can give you my other account details.

Man over phone –  ma’am but there are so many people around facing the same problem ..It will be laborious for us to verify and update the data.

Me- then what should I suppose to do.

Man over phone – Do you hold debit card for this account.

Me ~ No sir, I don’t.

Man over phone~ Then please provide your other account details.

Me ~ ok.

  • account no. – **************

    IFSC code – ************

Man over phone~ ma’am as you know we are updating your accounts details. We would be needing your debit card details for your bank account identification. If you provide the number,soon your money will get transfer.

Me~ which number?

Man over phone~ ma’am that 16 digit number on your debit card.

Me~ why am I suppose to give you that? It’s completely irrelevant.

He insisted upon with various ways And I was rigidly stuck to my call and finally  i hung up. although I didn’t provide him information, but i was concerned about my scholarship’s scads of money. And whole night i was floundered by the thoughts, what if they cancel my scholarship?  & Then Finally I regretted not providing the information and deep down I decided to call them up very next morning and give all the required information.

Next morning I was in my bed, my mom came and handover the news paper, pointing at some news, To my shock it was about the call a girl received few days back, which was from central sector scholarship asking her to update the details for transferring the funds and without giving another thought she gave all the information, he asked for. Resulting, the funds (99k) she had in her account got gradually withdrawn by the con man.

We are not fools, but yes!! We do get magnetize so easily, when they say our name, address, and to the firm they belong so correctly. Well the rest is just so easy to beguile us.  Untill it happen to me, the things were so commonly heard gossips. But getting into such situation is a lesson for life. So Stay alert.





A Rose from a strict gardener’s garden.


ROSE 14, insisted upon to go to school on her own, considering herself to be grown. After much plea and contend with her fogey parents, hence she was given green light. Her face illumed up with 100 mega watt, sheen smile, and took a sigh of freedom over restricted life.

Moreover, she kept her snub nose high, with springy mind. shoulders were wide open that made her look piled with confidence. Her brown dense eyes were locked onto the road, counting the footsteps back to the home. Both her hands were busy clutching the shoulder straps of her school backpack looped on her vase-shaped body.

Suddenly she felt a shocking jerk on her bust, but the less she could configure. Moments ago this incident, she saw guys on their speedy bike, who were supposed to pass her by side on, but the poor rose couldn’t prophecy their louche thoughts . She turned around with shame, anger and tear filled eyes, but all she could see was the mirth and laughter on their half turned face and speeding bike at the fastest pace. For them it might be just a gutsy bet, but to her this was the end of her carefree world. she would love being caged through her hand full life rather than to be a prey to the world’s monstrous side.


YES!! Politeness exist, It does more in our words than our thoughts .

         Right from our childhood we are asked to behave well in front of elders, to be good to younglings, Kind to our relatives. No matter how bad their deeds are and it is expected from us to hide our feelings and views about them behind a wide smile when we greet them.

However certain things that always held my attention were ~ Why do we have to be well bred socially and not for one own sake? Why to follow— such rules and lessons which make us so helpless..That we can’t follow our heart.


          Yet I have notice that in the lesson of being genteel and gracious, more or less we were asked to be double faced ~Isn’t cruelity having two faces but our parents are inculcating these lessons since we were toddlers and had clenching learning skill But never questioned of being the same inside out.! Now we have learned of keeping not only double faces but multiple of them, get master in customising ourselves as per our needs and surrounding.

But why→Just to keep up the toffee nosed image of our own, we brilliantly behave different from the way we are,the way we think, the way we react over things and make a better mirror image for the world. Despite holding grudges against someone we  present a platter of sugar coated words before them to bottle them up and maintain our so called flamboyant image, and that may put a load of regret on our chest for long run.

Why are we doing this? —-If it is just to make the best fake picture for the world, where nothing is permanent →not even our souls are trustworthy to our bodies. Why to play multiple roles ?



She held a test strip for a while in the gushing pee, to unviel the tiny secret hidden in her body.

With trembling hands, tapping feet, audible heart beat and by flashbacking all the first time memories of becoming a mother of girl child ,she passes a few seconds. Meanwhile the test strip launches the result, which appeared as two pink lines denoting the conception of a new life.

She did not celebrate the result and not even a merry smile, because her husband coveted that they can’t be the parents of another girl child..And the family pressurise to get them a BOY,who will carry the family name But then the mother decides to call off the baby and let them deprive ….

Norms did well ,to keep the gender confine and let not parents decide to have a baby boy and not a girl child..